Error 00004: General Error System.SObjectException : Field PARENT_RECORD__c is not editable




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    Patrick Keating

    Does this mean that we cannot use TaroWorks to update records of standard objects which are child in a master-detail relationship? For example, the Order Product object is child to Price Book Entry and that relationship cannot be made to allow reparenting. 

    Even if we have no intention of ever modifying that field value, we will not be able to edit that object. If that is the case, this is a huge design flaw and needs to be highlighted for all standard objects which are affected.



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    TaroWorks Support

    Hi Patrick, great question! We are adding this functionality in conjunction with simplifying Field mapping to our Roadmap. We've compiled a list of Salesforce Standard Objects that mobile users (partner users) can Create, Read or Edit. Here's the full list


    If you'd like to share the details of your use case with, we can invest time in working with you on a way forward in the mean time.

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